Partial Demolition Services

Are you in need of partial demolition services, also known as an internal demolition, but you’re not sure which company to entrust with this delicate job? If you are looking for a trusted demolition company, call one of the licensed demolition professionals in Los Angeles, CA. It is the company’s goal to utilize their skill and expertise, leaving clients feeling satisfied in knowing their demolition has been carried out to the highest standards. 

Partial Demolition Services

When you only need part of a structure to be demolished, we may suggest you choose an internal demolition. Also referred to as an internal strip out, this process will involve a trained crew who will come in and prep the structure for the demolition and restoration, or in other words a strip out. At this time, any potentially hazardous materials such as lead pipes, asbestos roofing, polychlorinated biphenyls, Synthetic Mineral Fibre, and more, will be removed. While this is ongoing, other team members may ensure the integrity, or core, of the building, is both intact and preserved. Once the strip out is completed, the area of the internal demolition will be empty and ready for the renovation. 

Internal Demolitions…Easy Right?

A lot of people view internal demolitions as being “easy” jobs that can be handled by an untrained person. On the contrary, a majority of internal demolitions involve older buildings that often contain materials that could be hazardous and must legally be disposed of in a certain manner. Furthermore, it is possible for the proposed demolition area to look intact, only to find that the foundation is rotting or any other number of unexpected obstacles. By relying on a certified demolition company, you can feel confident in knowing the strip out is done with safety protocols in mind while paying close attention to the care of the structure as a whole. 

Choosing Internal Demolition Companies 

It takes hard work, determination, and diligence to become a certified demolition company. Make sure the company use choose has certification, as well as, the necessary licenses to conduct full-scale demolitions, internal demolitions, and other related services. When you choose an experienced and licensed demolition company, make sure the following apply:

Safety Comes First – The company should about its team members, clients, and the community. Make sure they only hire team members who are trained and certified to conduct demolitions and other high-risk jobs. Your company should also strictly adhere to any state, federal, and OSHA regulations to reduce the risk of injuries. 

They Respect the Environment – Your company should be committed to utilizing demolition practices that help to preserve the environment. Any hazardous waste will be removed from a structure in the safest way possible to avoid contamination or harm to the environment. If they can recycle the material, they will do so. 

Deadlines Matter  – They company understands that following an internal demolition is often a renovation and this means the client will likely have strict deadlines to be met. During your initial consultation, the company should discuss your plans and whether or not you are on a deadline. They should let you know an estimated date of internal demolition completion and do their best to complete the project on, or before, this time. 

Thanks to Nielsen Environmental for their insight into the demolition process.