How a PR Firm Can Help Grow Your Medical Practice

If yours is a new practice, or you would like to expand your existing patient load, you may benefit from reaching out to the community in ways you had not previously attempted. That may include leveraging social media, television interviews of one or more of your physicians and staff, and hosting special community events. If any of these scenarios seem daunting, or you do not know how to go about making them happen, an established PR firm can help you.

As a healthcare provider, you have unique concerns: adherence to HIPAA laws, patient confidentiality, and you are faced daily with complex medical issues that laypersons may be affected by but do not necessarily understand. You want a PR firm that focuses a great on representing medical clinics and health facilities. They should have existing relationships with reporters from area TV stations, newspapers, and radio stations. They should also have social media experts on staff who can either monitor your accounts and interact with followers or else teach your staff how to do this effectively.

Below is a general overview of how a PR firm can create positive buzz around your practice and help you reach your short and long term goals.

Social Media Outreach

If you have not already discovered that social media is a time and energy commitment, it might be because your staff is already at maximum capacity without taking on that additional burden. And quite honestly, if social media is not leveraged effectively, it may not be worth the effort. However, when social media profiles reflect an organization’s branding, and the information the accounts provide is of interest to the community, it can place the healthcare provider in the forefront of peoples’ minds when they need treatment or care. By its very nature, social media demands quick responses and accurate information on the fly. This is rarely possible when it is not a person’s primary job. Jumping on relevant topics that are trending can also trigger a significant boost to a healthcare organization’s presence within the community. A PR firm that creates professional-looking social media accounts, posts updates, and monitors responses can be worth their weight in gold.

News Stories

News organizations are always on the lookout for quality content. Many also feature occasional spotlight pieces that focus on community services, healthcare trends, and local medical experts. A PR company can pitch stories on your organization’s behalf. In this way, profile stories that are focused on your physicians or facility will be better than paid ads because viewers will perceive it as valuable information rather than as advertisements. A good PR firm will already have relationships with reporters and can pitch them story ideas because it is to their mutual benefit. The same PR firm can recognize the kind of content that a particular news station, radio program, or newspaper likes to feature and determine where in your organization there may be a good match.

To learn more about how a PR firm can help your organization, contact a PR firm in New York, today.

Thank you to the experts at Goldman McCormick PR for their input on managing PR in medical malpractice.