Market Growth for Dietary Supplements is Forecasted to Rise Significantly

Global market growth for dietary supplements is forecasted to remain healthy and will rise significantly over the next several years, according to Market Research. There are several factors that contribute to this. They include increasing awareness of the importance of healthy diets and the growing number of public gymnasiums and fitness centers. Market growth in this area is also driven by the following:

  • The need for nutritional supplements among workforce members who do not have enough time or energy to purchase and prepare fresh meals. Supplements can provide instant nutrition and fulfill an individual’s daily dietary needs.
  • It is challenging to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals from most store-bought foods required for optimum health. Supplements can fill the gap.
  • The rise in popularity of amateur and professional sports as well as within the academic world across many countries promotes the nutritional advantages offered by dietary supplements.
  • Adults who wish to reduce fat and gain optimum strength and fitness are focusing on enhancing their nutritional intake.

Market Research Provides Additives and Supplements Market Insights

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Global Market Growth for Additives and Supplements is Expected

The insights provided by Market Research on the additives and supplements market will provide you with more detailed information, but the following overview may be helpful:

  • Capsules have taken a larger segment of the market as compared to soft gels.
  • Tablet products held the largest market share in 2018.
  •  Amino acids and proteins should see an increase in revenue.
  •  Vitamins as an ingredient is a multi-billion dollar market and should continue to expand in the next several years.
  • The largest market share is owned by over-the-counter dietary supplements and is not expected to be overshadowed in the immediate future.
  • Dietary supplements are seeing expansive growth across China, Japan, and India due to retail chain store sales. As a result, the Asia Pacific region is forecasted to experience the most dramatic growth during the next forecast period.

Gain the Insights you Need into This Rapidly Growing Market

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